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My wife Linda was a Nurse for 32 years... We were married for 30 years & have 2 daughters named Heather, age 32 & Andrea, age 30.. My name Leroy & I am in the process of making this web page into a memorial web page for my late wife... My wife's hobbies were plants, aquariums, cross-stitching & other such crafts... She also loved Loons & collected anything that had to do with Loons...

I have finally decided to add to this memorial page to my late wife Linda by adding my thoughts & memories of her from time to time. I will try to find & add photos of her from time to time as well as the photos will have to be scanned into my laptop & then uploaded to this web site.

First of all, Linda was born in Ashland, Wisconsin on December 18, 1956 & was raised in the Cable, Wisconsin area where her parents, Gene & Faye Staudemeyer who built The Four Seasons Resort in 1963 on Lake Namakagon 10 mile outside of Cable in the Chequamegon National Forest in the south east corner of Bayfield county. Her grandfather, John Junek, Sr. (her mother's father) helped build the fireplace in the tavern, which is still used today. Originally her family lived upstairs above the tavern & downstairs there was the bar & a dining area in which her mother did all the cooking herself thus giving her the nickname of Cookie, which she was called more than Faye. Linda's brother, Gary Staudemetyer took over the resort after her parents retired. Now my Niece, Amanda Staudemeyer owns & operates the resort after the passing of her dad, Gary Staudemeyer in July 2007.

Linda's Grandpa John Junek, Sr. passed away in the late 1980s, Her dad, Gene Staudemeyer passed away in 1994, her mom passed away in December of 2000 & her only sibling, her brother, Gary Staudemeyer passed away in July 2007 & then Linda passed away on July 28, 2009.

Linda use to tell me about how when at one time she went to a 1 room school house called the Namakogan School when she was a young girl & later went to school in Drummond where she graduated from Drummond High School in 1975. Shortly after that she attend Nursing school @ the Indianhead Technical College in Superior, Wisconsin where she bacame an LPN nurse in 1977. She moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin & started working as an LPN @ Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire. She worked there until we met in 1979 & she got a job @ St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado.

We met in Colorado while I was working in Delta, Colorado for Hi-Q Packing. We actually met over a long distance phone call while she was still in Wisconsin & I was in Colorado. I was living @ a rooming house in Delta where & a friend of hers that she went to Nursing school was staying at there at the same time. Her friend was going to marry my sister's husband's brother. One day Linda called out there to talk to her friend & a bunch of us who were living at the rooming house & I got on the phone to say HI & for some strange reason, without having ever met her I asked her to marry me. She thought I was so crazy that she had to meet me. She was fixing to come out to Colorado for a job interview @ St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado. She flew out for her interview & afterwards she drove down to Delta where we met for the 1st time after I got off work & went out that night.

We went out a few more times before she flew back to Wisconsin. She would drive down to Delta & we would go out as she was looking for an apartment in Grand Junction while I was @ work. We wrote back & forth after she flew back to Wisconsin, while she was getting ready for her move to Colorado. I still have all the letters she wrote me all those years ago. We moved in together in 1979 & got married on Febuary 8, 1980 by Distict Court Judge Charles A. Buss in his office with his secratary as a witness. We lived @ 1444 Kennedy Street, Apartment 104 in Grand Junction @ the time. We loved it in Colorado, but the cost of living is high out there, so one day when I was picking her up from work I said were moving & she said OK, where to? & I said, I don't know, but I have never lived in Wisconsin & she said OK. She called Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, Wisconsin & had her old job back before we even left Colorado.

When we got to Wisconsin , we went up to Cable to meet her parents for the 1st time for me. Linda & her mom went to catch up on things & her dad & I went fishing all the rest of the day & had a great time. I actually got along better with her family than I did with most of my own family. We rented a 2 bedroom mobile home for a couple of months & then bought our 1st mobile home & was still living in it when both our children, Heather was born on June 6, 1984 & Andrea was born on October 17, 1986. Let me pause her for a minute. Linda was an LPN when we married, but before our 2 daughters were born she had gone back to school @ the Chippewa Valley Technical College & got her Associate Degree in Nursing in 1982 & became a Registred Nurse. It was about 2 year afterwards that decided to have children. Shortly after Andrea was born we bought our 2nd mobile home, which we had for 2 years before buying our 1st house in the summer of 1988 & that we owned for 16 years, selling it in 2004. By then Heather had graduated from Memorial High School in Eau Claire & Andrea had 1 more year to go to graduate from there. Linda & Andrea got an apartment, so she could finish her last year of High School @ Memorial High, While I went ahead & moved everything up to Cable, Wisconsin after selling the house in Eau Claire.

Then we lived in Cable until my late wife, Linda passed away on July 28, 2009. Shortly after that on October 1, 2009, I moved back to Texas where I grew up. Both of my girls are married & living thier own lives. Heather is married to Thomas Poppe & have a son (Cecil) born on March 31, 2009 (Linda's only grandchild before her passing) & they live in Hayward, Wisconsin & Andrea is married to Shane Helget & they live in Cable, Wisconsin. Heather & Tom were married in March of 2008 & Andrea & Shane were married in August of 2010.

While Linda & I were together for 30 years, I guess technically for those who would be pickly about dates, we were married for 29 years, 5 months, 20 days, Febuary 8, 1980 to July 28, 2009 when she passed away. We had a great 30 years together (1979 to 2009), Like any relationship there were a few rough times, but we definetly have far more good & great times than any thing else. Now days I live alone with my cat (Shadow) who is my only companion & live in a used 37 foot motor home that I bought after Linda's passing. I no longer work as my health is not very good & I live on Social Security Disability.

Linda was a great nurse & loved her work. She was old school & very dedicated to nursing. She touched so many lives & recieved so many awards & such from places where she worked & so forth. She touched so many people in her life & was loved by so many family, friends & people that she took care of as well as thier family members who loved her caring of thier loved ones. She is & will be missed by so many people.

It has been now 7 years, 9 months, 1 weeks since her passing & I am very slowly moving on, but it is so hard as I still think about her & remember her everyday all the time. Linda was my anchor, my rock if you will, my reason for living & it is so hard to take each day without her. This coming December 18th she would have been her 61 & I so wish she was still as holidays are just another day without her. Yes, I am still mourning her almost 8 years after her passing. I just can't help, I miss her so much. I moved back to Texas where I grew up & am still living here.

(UPDATE) I am living alone with my cat (Shadow, he had been my ONLY companion since Linda's passing. My youngest daughter, Andrea, is the only 1 of my 2 daughters that calls me regularly. Linda, would not have wanted me to remain alone, but I am alone with my cat these days still. It makes me very sad that my oldest daughter won't talk to me. I continue to try & remain in her life send presents for birthdays & holidays as I can afford to. I guess that is about it for now.

I will try to add more soon as I can, but I guess this is all for now as of May 3, 2017. For those of you who see this web page & either knew &/or was touch by Linda, please remember her.......

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