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N5RSU - Leroy A. Dick, Sr.'s Home Page (formerly N9RSU)

My favorite hobbies are amateur radio & computers.

I especially enjoy building my own computers.

My wife (Linda), now a silent key, she passed away on July 28, 2009 & oldest daughter (Heather) is a ham radio operator.

Linda was N9ZLX (now a silent key) & Heather is KB9NFG. My youngest daughter, Andrea was studying for her ham license, but has now decided not to get her license.

Below is a description of my radio room & my antenna setup as well as our mobile rigs.

My "Ham Shack" is comprised of:

I use the following: Kenwood TM-742a 144/220/440mhz (shown above * Please note that the picture does NOT show the 220 module installed)...

My Base Rig is a Kenwood TM-742a with the UT-220S 220 module added, it is connected to a Comet CX-333 (144/220/440) Tri-band antenna via a Diamond CFX-324 Triplexer & 1-1/4" Hardline with N-connectors where possible & a Yaesu YS-500 SWR/Power Meter (140 - 525 Mhz) - Our mobile rigs are also Kenwood TM-742a also with the 220 modules added.

I no longer am using any desk top computers as I do not have the room for them. I am using Alienware Laptops now.

I'm an active in SKYWARN with other local HAMs during severe weather...


I am not looking for anything at this time....

Thanks to all..


I Currently don't have any items FOR SALE:

If anyone is interested please E-Mail me by just clicking on my callsign below...

Thanks to all..


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